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Merrill Field Airport Master Plan Update and Noise Study

The Economic Impact Report is now available for review!

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Phase 2 in Progress

Message from the Manager

Welcome to the Merrill Field (MRI) Airport Master Plan (AMP) and Noise Study web site.  The AMP update will serve as a blueprint for development at Merrill Field for the next 20 years and this site will serve as your portal to the planning process.  The project team encourages your participation in the process.  Over the course of the plan, please visit this site frequently to learn about upcoming events, review and comment on the latest planning documents, receive updates on the planning process, sign-up for newsletter updates, and provide general feedback. Your input is valued and I look forward to your participation in this important planning process for Merrill Field.
—Paul Bowers, A.A.E., Airport Manager

Project Overview

The AMP Update and Noise Study will be completed in two phases.

Phase 2

After a period of planning and considering public and agency feedback, Phase 2 of the Master Plan Update began in 2015.

The results of Phase 1 were be used to establish the approach for Phase 2.  Phase 2 will refine and evaluate the alternatives, allowing MRI management to select a preferred plan for future development.  The decision will consider environmental, engineering, cost, and public input to select the preferred alternative. These decisions will be documented in a draft AMP and set of engineering drawings (layout plan). 

Ultimately, the draft AMP and layout plan drawing will be presented through the plan adoption cycle at the MOA, with review by the Municipal Airports Aviation Advisory Commission (MAAAC) and hearings in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission, Assembly, and Mayor. Once the plan has been adopted by the MOA the airport layout plan will be sent to the FAA for signature.

Phase 1

Phase 1, completed 2013:

  • Identified airport issues that need to be addressed
  • Inventoried existing engineering and environmental conditions on the airport
  • Quantified baseline airport operations and activity
  • Forecast future operations and activity
  • Measured baseline noise levels and model future noise levels
  • Reviewed the airport against FAA development requirements and standards
  • Developed draft alternatives to resolve issues and meet existing and future needs
  • and most importantly, involved members of the public, airport users, and businesses in shaping the plan!

Phase 1 culminated in a technical report that documents all the findings and lays out the future development scenarios for consideration and input. You can view the draft Phase1 report on the documents page.


Final Noise Exposure Map Update

Final Noise Exposure Report

Final Noise Exposure Report Appendices

Final Noise Exposure Report Maps

Public Meeting Information

Looking for documents from past MRI Master Plan Update meetings? Go to our documents page to view them.

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